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We are a privately held product research and development company. We research, develop or acquire, and license intellectual properties for commercialization as innovative products and services. Our intellectual properties include trade secrets, patents, trademarks, copyrights, business processes, and domain names.

Licensing Department


Our patent licensing opportunities are available by invitation only to pre-qualified licensees. Please contact us for more information.
If you have received an invitation, please access your private data sheet now: 
  • Enter your PIN (Personal ID) and Data Sheet name. 

  • If you were given a data sheet Web address, your PIN and Data Sheet name follow the domain name in this format: www.tegus.com/PIN/DataSheet/
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    For example, if the Web address were  "www.tegus.com/2345/widget/" you would enter PIN: 2345 and DataSheet: widget. NOTE: The DataSheet name is case sensitive.

    Other IP

    For information about licensing any other intellectual properties, please contact us.



    Sight Reading Practice Division

    Free Online Electronic Flashcard

    A few minutes a day with this training exercise will greatly improve your piano music sight reading skills. It is adjustable to any skill level via preset levels or custom settings including key signature, note selection, accidentals, practice range, labels, and ledger lines. Optional piano sounds also make this a great ear training drill. A graph shows your progress during a session. This site should be in every piano teacher and student's favorites. 

    This site will also work on most mobile phones and PDAs (your carrier might charge extra for internet access), so you can practice anywhere and any time you have a few spare minutes.


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