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Introducing Tegus for Startups
Tegus enables startups to reach former execs, industry veterans and prospective buyers to uncover the insights that fuel growth.
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June 12, 2022
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At Tegus we’re always trying to dig deeper with our customers to understand the challenges they face so we can help them move faster and make better decisions. Over the last few years working with venture capital firms and startups, it’s become crystal clear that early stage founders and operators need access to high-quality information to drive their business forward, but too often, startups have limited resources to access critical insights that drive business growth. In fact, startups and their founders often end up relying primarily on personal networks to shape decisions and build out their business. While these connections are incredibly valuable, startups can only call in so many favors to their network, and those networks are often riddled with gaps or blindspots that prevent the startup from growing at their full potential.

This is why we’ve created Tegus for Startups. As we embark on a long-term mission to streamline and modernize the research process for investors and business leaders, the next step in that journey is giving startups critical access to unbiased, third-party perspectives at a digestible price point. In fact, Tegus for Startups was born out of organic usage from our VC customers who began inviting their portfolio companies to join them on expert calls so they could get access to critical business insights — insights that help them determine product-market fit, analyze the competitive landscape or confirm benchmarking metrics.

For these startups, accessibility is key. The ability to reach former executives, industry veterans and prospective buyers to uncover qualitative insights allows startups to quickly address business challenges and opportunities that fuel growth. Tegus gives startups access to primary research that accelerates decision making across teams, industries and geographies. By participating in the Tegus ecosystem, startups can put themselves front and center to share their progress with the world’s leading VCs.

After working closely for many months with a select group of startups to get this offering just right, we’re thrilled to bring this solution to market. In the words of one of our top VC partners, Tegus for Startups is the “single best thing an investor can offer their companies.”

We’re incredibly excited about this new initiative and invite you to learn more on Tegus for Startups!