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Hello! We’re the technology team at Tegus and we're incredibly excited to be sponsoring VueConf this year! We've used Vue for all our frontend development since 2018 and are huge fans of the Vue community.

Tegus helps companies make better decisions. Using interviews with experts, financial filings, and other data, Tegus creates a compelling insights for decision makers. Our products and services help our customers discover answers to the most challenging questions they face.

We're headquartered in Chicago but have employees across the US and EU. All roles on our technology team are fully remote friendly.

Come work with us!

We're hiring for a number of roles and would love to speak with you in person at VueConf! Here are some of the reasons why people come to work at Tegus:

Sustainable growth

Tegus is growing quickly: we've gone from just 15 people in 2018 to more than 400 today. Despite growing so quickly, we've always run our business in a sustainable way. We've generated significant free cash flow every year we've been in business and do not need outside investment to continue operating.

Customers love us

We aim to delight our customers with excellent service and high quality software. Specifically, we focus on building a product that fits our target customers like a glove: we'd rather have 1 customer fall in love with Tegus than 10 prospects think we're "ok". This approach is working great: we consistently earn industry-leading NPS scores and have well over 100% net customer retention.

Talented, friendly team

People often cite the quality of our team as the #1 reason they like working at Tegus. We're collaborative, friendly and hold each other to high standards. We're focused on creating a fantastic product and having a great time doing it!


As engineers, we know that good tool selection has a huge impact on what a team can get done. We believe in choosing boring technology whenever possible; we seek to maximize our leverage by using a small, carefully-chosen set of tools that are easy to learn and productive at scale.

Vue on Typescript

Our web frontend applications are written entirely in Vue and Typescript. We find the simple, batteries-included approach of Vue gives us a ton of power when building new features, and Typescript helps us catch errors well before they’re visible to our customers.


We use GraphQL across all of our APIs for two reasons. First, the flexibility of GraphQL allows many new features to be prototyped without any backend changes at all. Second, GraphQL gives us a machine-readable API schema definition, which we use to automate many parts of our development workflow.

Ruby on Rails

The shared backend for our applications is written in Ruby on Rails. For nearly 17 years Rails has been a fantastic framework for happy and productive engineers. We use a particular variant of the “modular monolith” pattern within our application to keep our architecture as clean as possible.


The Tegus product involves ingesting 3rd party datasets - company data, SEC filings, earnings calls, etc. Python is great for data processing and manipulation and a good foundation for the machine learning that we expect to be coming soon.


We’re hosted at AWS and take advantage of their amazing technologies so we don’t have to re-invent what they have built for us.

Our Interview Process

Our interview process is designed to make hiring decisions confidently, while also being efficient with candidates’ time.

Our typical interview process heavily relies on doing technical work alongside the candidate. For engineers, this means we’ll do a pair programming exercise with you early in the process, and may do another toward the end. We keep interviews focused and topical - you won’t be asked arcane questions about manhole covers and won’t write code on a whiteboard.

While all of our roles are remote-friendly, we would love to meet you in person at VueConf! Please stop by our booth or send a note to

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