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Welcome to Tegus

We modernize and streamline the way institutional investors and companies conduct research

About Tegus

Tegus is the fastest way to get 360 degree insight into any company, industry, or investment topic.

We help institutional investors and business leaders outperform the market by surfacing the once-hard-to-get qualitative insights, critical public financial data, and customized expert calls—all on a single, modern Saas platform.

With the largest database of proprietary content in the private and public markets, Tegus provides insights no other provider can, including access into startups, privately held companies, seed stage companies, and more.

Fast Facts

  • Founded in 2017 by twin brothers, Mike and Tom Elnick
  • 2,500+ customers and 450+ employees globally
  • The Tegus platform houses more than 35K expert call transcripts
  • Growing at 177% YoY in ARR
  • Raised Series A funding in 2017 led by IGSB; Raised $90M Series B funding in November 2022 lead by Oberndorf Enterprises and Willoughby Capital
  • Moved to Chicago in 2018; Opened Ireland office in January 2022
  • Acquired BamSEC in October 2021, expanding platform coverage and product offering
  • Launched Tegus for Startups and Corporate Access in Spring of ‘22


Michael Elnick — Co-founder, Co-CEO

After beginning his career as an early employee at AlphaSights, Michael co-founded Tegus with his twin-brother Thomas in 2016. Today he serves as co-CEO, overseeing expansion strategy, go-to-market, commercialization, and compliance.

Thomas Elnick — Co-founder, Co-CEO

Before co-founding Tegus with his twin-brother Michael, Thomas worked as an analyst at a hedge fund in New York, where he experienced the value and pain points of primary research first-hand. As co-CEO, Thomas leads Tegus’ product, people, finance, operations, and international organizations.
Explore the broader Tegus Senior Leadership Team & our company history on the About Us page.

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