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Get Custom Sourced Expertise to Help Your Company Grow

Your one-stop-shop for insights that drive hypergrowth, strategic decision making, and better go-to-market motions.

Sharpen Your Go to Market and Grow Your Company

Tegus is the only tool that helps you grow your company within the VC ecosystem. The ability to reach former executives, industry veterans and operational experts to uncover qualitative insights allows startups to quickly address business challenges and opportunities, all while participating in a space with the top investors.

How Startups Use Tegus

Market Validation

Speak to prospective customers to solidify your value proposition and accelerate your path to product-market fit.

Industry Intelligence

Learn from former executives in the space to understand the competitive landscape and market dynamics.

Strategic Planning

Interview industry veterans on how they’ve tackled challenges, from hiring leaders to expanding into new markets or regions.

Operational Execution

Get a second opinion on part of your tech stack, vendor relationship or third-party providers from companies who have faced similar decisions in the past.

Take Tegus for a Test Drive

Customer Success is Our success

"Tegus is the cornerstone of our customer discovery process. The platform gives us a real edge, helping us go past the “what” and better understand the “why” and the “how.” Our team listens to calls more days than not, and we’ve learned a bunch of hard lessons the easy way from some world-class operators."
Co-founder & COO, Suno
"As a founder, you’re told to talk to strangers about your idea, but it’s hard to find and convince the right strangers to talk to you. Tegus Services give you access to true, on the ground operators who provide high-quality truth to help me and my team accelerate our path to product-market fit."
Luke Finney
Founder, Stealth Startup
"Tegus has been an incredibly valuable resource for our company. With dozens of calls, we’ve been able to quickly analyze new markets and make well-informed strategic decisions that have already paid off. Hands down the best ROI."
Mac Bolak
Founder & CEO, Panoptyc

Key Numbers

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What are expert calls?

Expert calls are conversations over the phone between you and a specialized advisor (i.e. expert) during an allocated time slot. You can use this time however you’d like – from asking detailed questions on a specific problem to developing a general sense of the current landscape – the goal of an expert call is to uncover unique insights.

What is the expert call process?

Project Kickoff. When a client would like to have a call with an expert, they will first submit a set of requirements to help narrow down the type of individual they would like to speak with. These requirements include:

  • Desired background / experience; company affiliation (if applicable)
  • Three screening questions to ensure the expert is able to speak to the most important points
  • Requested time frame and number of calls

‍Expert Selection. Our team then finds experts who fit the criteria and presents them to the client. From there, we work to set up calls with the selected expert(s).

‍Call Process. During the call, the client is free to ask questions and direct the conversation as needed to accomplish the goal of the call. Following the call, our team anonymizes the transcript and removes any sensitive information.

Transcript Publication. The transcript is then made public on the Tegus platform after a delay.hen made public on the Tegus platform after a delay.

How does Tegus help me minimize spend on expert calls?

Tegus calls always offer a dynamic and transparent pricing model. Calls are pay-as-you-go, so there are no upfront minimums or fees. Plus, you can prorate the cost of 30- or 45-minute calls. Forget about haggling for credits and focus on getting your work done.

How does Tegus source experts?

In addition to the tens of thousands of experts we’ve worked with in the past, Tegus custom sources new experts for every project. We’ll ensure that experts we provide respond to customer-specific screening questions and can speak to exactly the areas you’re looking at.

How are startups using Tegus?

Startups are using Tegus to address many business cases including: preparing for board meetings or fundraising, accelerating the path to product market fit through buyer research, informing go-to-market plans, and supporting M&A activities.

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