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How do I upgrade my BamSEC account to BamSEC Pro?

Upgrades will happen automatically on January 24th for all existing customers. BamSEC Pro will allow all customers to use best-in-class screening tools, notable ownership alerts and a shorter transcript embargo

I am a Tegus subscriber, how do I receive my free BamSEC license?

Simply use your same Tegus login credentials on

Will my Tegus login work on BamSEC?

Yes. If you have an active Tegus subscription, enter the same email address and password you use to login to Tegus on the BamSEC website:

If you are both an existing Tegus customer and an existing BamSEC customer, please reach out to so our team can convert your BamSEC login to a free, managed by Tegus license.

Are there any additional compliance risks in moving from my current BamSEC license to BamSEC Pro?

No. BamSEC maintains a strong compliance framework across all tiers

When will Tegus integrate with BamSEC?

Our team is working hard to integrate BamSEC’s data and workflow functionality into Tegus to create a uniformed customer experience

I have a question and don't know who to contact. Will I work with my Tegus Customer Success Representative or my BamSEC Customer Success Representative?

If you have an assigned Customer Success Representative, please contact them directly. Otherwise, please email and our team will assist you immediately

I am a Tegus customer and BamSEC enterprise customer, when will I get a free login?

All BamSEC enterprise customers who are Tegus customers will not be charged for BamSEC upon their renewal. BamSEC enterprise customers will only get free BamSEC seats up to the number of Tegus seats they have