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A Single Platform for Life Science Industry Intelligence

The Tegus Platform 

  • We combine research, technology, and innovative tools to connect the world's leading investment firms and corporations with emerging discoveries and treatment paradigms faster. 
  • The Tegus platform gives your team access to information on developing markets, clinical trial pipelines, disease areas, and life science developments. 

Tegus Services 

  • The days of paying $1,200 for KOL calls are over. With Tegus, there are no upfront fees, no call commitments, no markups. Tegus saves you money and guarantees the quality of our experts. If you're not satisfied, neither are we. We'll always provide a refund if there's a problem.
  • Our operations team custom sources physicians, KOLs, and life science executives allowing your team the ability to speak directly with experts to learn more on information developing themes and discoveries within biotechnology, medical research, healthcare providers & services, pharmaceutical, healthcare equipment & supplies, and more!

The Tegus Difference

Biotechnology & Medical Research: Gain access to our network of healthcare KOLs where you can speak directly to executives, physicians, and researchers on emerging discoveries, treatment paradigms, and clinical trials. 

Healthcare Providers & Services: Utilize Tegus to gain access into various healthcare providers and services. Speak directly with policymakers, payors, and executives in order to gain insights and make faster decisions. 

Pharmaceuticals: Get smart quickly and efficiently on disease areas and market outlooks with access to the Tegus network. With access to the Tegus platform, you have the ability to stay up to date on a drug's lifecycle and ask questions directly to key opinion leaders. 

Healthcare Equipment & Supplies: Utilize the Tegus platform and services to stay informed on the development of systems, devices, diagnostics, and platforms within healthcare devices, equipment, and supplies. 

Did you know?

450+ physicians and KOLs are added to the Tegus Network each month

  • Did you know that Tegus is adding 450+ physicians and KOLs within our network each month? We are happy to connect you with a leading industry KOL that can speak on new and emerging themes within the healthcare space. 

3X growth over the past 12 months

  • Our healthcare transcript volume at Tegus has grown 3x over the past 12 months. We have received positive feedback on the value Tegus can bring to healthcare-focused teams, and we're excited to expand our support through continued focus on our healthcare customers. 

A dedicated healthcare team to help connect you with leading KOLs

  • At Tegus, we have a team of healthcare-focused Analysts dedicated to sourcing all of your expert call needs. Our team custom sources for each expert call project, allowing you to get connected to quality KOLs faster. 

3,900+ healthcare transcripts

  • Did you know that we currently have over 3,900+ healthcare-focused transcripts on the Tegus platform, and we are adding 300+ each month? These transcripts cover new themes and discoveries within pharmaceuticals, healthcare equipment and supplies, providers and services, biotechnology, and more!