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Below are a few helpful tips to consider as you put together your project criteria. As a rule of thumb, the more details the better!

Project Objective: What are you trying to learn from the project? 

Examples: Help inform our go-to-market strategy. Conduct a competitor analysis - competitor product capabilities, monetization models, unit economics, approaches to marketing (brand positioning, tone of voice, GTM strategies). Gain market insights - market sizing, growth drivers, sector headwinds, regulatory landscape, etc.

Target Expert Roles: Who are you looking to speak with? What types of roles may these experts have?

Examples: Former VP of Product, current Director of Strategy, customer of competitor product/service, industry consultant, etc. Please note that we do not source current customers or current competitors.

Target Companies: Are these individuals at any companies you would like us to target? 

Examples: Former executives at X company, Fortune 500 companies, companies whose total size is less than 10K employees, etc.

Companies to exclude: Please include any companies where you do not wish to speak with any experts.

Example: Please do not reach out to individuals at X company.

Screening questions: Please provide up to 3 screening questions that you would like these experts to answer prior to your call.

Examples: Can you rank your familiarity with the following services on a scale of 1-5? Does your line of business utilize X to support any of your business goals or processes? If applicable, please describe the role these insights play in how your business operates. Were you part of the decision-making process to implement X and if so, what were the pros and cons?

Number of calls: How many calls are you targeting for this project?

Examples: 3-5 calls, 10-15 calls over the next month, etc.

Timeline: When would you like to finish these calls by?

Examples: ASAP, within the next two weeks, etc.