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An Industry Consultant from Intel Corporation speaks on the Field Programmable Gate Array and recent market share gains
Lattice Semiconductor Corporation
Posted January 8, 2023
33 min read

Expert is very familiar with the FPGA industry and can speak to it at a level 5. The expert is responsible for go-to-market strategy, product, and solutions management for various automotive & IoT segments such as computer vision, smart camera, storage (DRAM, NAND, CXL), and smart home (Matter) business. The expert drives the product roadmap (hardware and software) definition and segment marketing of solutions with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning capabilities with different products such as CPU, GPU, AI/ML and Image Signal Processors. Prior to this, the expert was on the product management team at Western Digital. Reporting to the VP of Product Management, the expert was responsible for ownership of driving products with both DRAM and NAND in the market. The expert launched new Western Digital products (hardware and software) to serve the growing surveillance and automotive markets that generated new revenue streams by collaborating with ecosystem partners along with early engagement with key OEM customers.The expert can speak to DRAM and NAND growth rates, processors, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning capabilities with CPU, GPU, AI/ML, and Image Signal Processors. The expert is familiar with companies such as Toshiba, Intel, Micron Technology, and the competitive landscape for the DRAM, NAND, and camera processor technology.


Hello, thanks for taking the time. I’m interested in a few companies. One is FPGAs and trying to understand sort of Lattice's recent market share gains, sort of turning on that business, sort of where they sit versus Xilinx and Altera. And then the other one, it seems like you spent a lot of time in DRAM, NAND and memory, if you're familiar at all with Rambus and RCD chips.

I am familiar with Rambus, but not specifically the RCD chips market.

All right. So yes, the main focus then is on Lattice, where it seems like they've taken a lot of share within sort of low-power FPGAs coming out with a newer product segment to address a little higher end and trying to understand sort of competitive dynamics, what's helped them out.

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