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The Tegus platform helps you instantly uncover business insights on over 25,000 public and private companies directly from industry experts, customers, and executives to make key decisions faster and easier.

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Trusted by 2,000+ investment managers and businesses
"we're trying to handle omnichannel communication. Probably the only channel we don't really handle that's digital is video. We don't have a video solution today. And basically, what we're trying to figure out is what is the best-in-class solution for each of those channels"
we couldn't find anybody that had the level of sophistication and the solution that we were looking for to be able to handle complex routing scenarios that you might need in a call center except for Twilio
"some of them are somewhat cheaper and I've gotten calls from them before.But when I've asked them, "Hey, can you handle these other use cases?"  we found that they were not specialized in that area. And because Twilio builds its own call center Flex, we're using the APIs that underpin Flex."

A single platform for company intelligence

Imagine having the power of thousands of research analysts from leading hedge funds, mutual funds, VCs, and corporates all sharing expert calls in one platform. Welcome to Tegus. Let's unlock your success together.

Tegus Services

Built for modern business. The days of paying $1,200 for expert calls are over. With Tegus, there are no upfront fees, no call commitments, no markups. Tegus saves you money and guarantees the quality of our experts. If you're not satisfied, neither are we. We'll always provide a refund if there's a problem.

70% cost savings

We believe in transparency. No upfront costs, no minimums, no contract needed. Only pay for the expert's cost and transcription, visible to you before you take a call. Plus, if you don't need a full hour, you can book a 30-minute call instead. Average cost is $400/hour.

Custom recruitment

Instead of stale databases, we leverage dynamic platforms like LinkedIn, Google, and other publicly available sources to find the best experts for every project. We pre-qualify experts based on customer-specific screening questions to ensure they have the expertise you need and can answer your specific questions.

Quality guarantee

Not happy with your experience? We guarantee the quality of our service, and will refund you if a call is not valuable. No questions asked.

Compliance for the next frontier

Our compliance program has been thoughtfully considered for every step in the process. With high standards pre-call, we ensure you are only speaking with experts safely and securely. Post-call, each transcript is meticulously reviewed by our expert staff for MNPI, confidential information, and non-public information. Our compliance platform provides transparent insight, audit reports in real-time, and software ready to fit the most complex needs.
Don't just take our word for it. 75% of the top 30 asset managers, venture capital firms, and private equity firms by AUM work with us and love our compliance program, often telling us we are "industry leading" and "above and beyond."

Ease and convenience

All calls are recorded, transcribed, and uploaded to the shared Platform. Focus on the conversation and use the transcript for notes and historical context.

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Tegus for Experts

We fundamentally believe that everyone is an expert at something. But for a long time, that expertise and knowledge has been trapped inside everyone's brains. What if you can share that expertise openly to allow others to also tap into knowledge? We would be able to power businesses to build off that shared knowledge, improve decision making, increase innovation, uncover more ideas, and solve more problems.  We can change the world.

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"It takes me roughly 3 hours to go through my entire process of an expert call - reaching out to my account manager, picking experts, scheduling, coming up with questions, and going through an hour call. Tegus gets me the same information in 20 minutes."

Alex Wolf
Managing Director, IGSB
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"If I started a new fund tomorrow, I would buy Capital IQ and then I would buy Tegus."

Campbell Wilson
Founder & PM, Old Well Partners
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“Tegus acts as a multiplier to our research. The service team finds exceptional experts. And the platform of transcripts is incredible differentiated value.”

Sanjay Venkat
Managing Partner, Jeneq
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“We have worked with almost every data service. Tegus is by far the strongest investment research resource we have, no question.”

Nate Singer
Managing Partner, Mission Holdings
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"Tegus is game changing because it accelerates our qualitative understanding and increases the velocity of our idea generation."

Wang Liao
Director, Asturias Capital
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"Tegus didn’t just change the way I think about researching stocks. It rewrote the way I think about all my relationships with products, services and people."

Thomas McGannon
Partner, Whetstone Capital
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"Tegus has created a product that revolutionizes the primary research industry. As customers, we see first-hand the incredible efficiencies and valuable insights driven by the platform."

Daniel Och
Founder and CEO of Willoughby Capital
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