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Your first true 360° view of companies and industries

The combined power of Tegus and Canalyst will offer fundamental investors a single, integrated platform to access expert insights, financial models and data, and workflows that accelerate your research and drive better decisions.
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All-In-One Platform

Tegus offers a single platform to access, search and surface a breadth and depth of insights you won’t find anywhere else. Together with Canalyst, our platform will deliver fundamental data and insights including expert call interviews, financial models and benchmarking, as well as public financials and event transcripts—all integrated in one place so you can view the complete story of a company in seconds.

Unmatched Speed to Insight

With Tegus, speed is your competitive advantage. Lead investments faster and with higher conviction by getting up to speed faster on companies and industries, quickly updating models, and downloading and analyzing historical financials faster than any other tool allows. 

Best-In-Class Data

When it comes to data, quality matters, which is why we ensure relevance and content quality by ensuring our expert calls are investor initiated and led.

When it comes to modeling, accuracy is our top priority. When you use Tegus, speed and quality are your strategic advantages to drives better decisions. 

Tegus Acquires Canalyst

The acquisition expands Tegus’ data offerings and creates the first modern research platform purpose-built for fundamental institutional investors

Chicago, IL, and Vancouver, B.C., Aug 2, 2022—  Tegus, the leading research platform for investors, today announced that it has acquired Canalyst, creating a new industry standard for modern research.  

Tegus is trusted by over 2,500 investment firms, corporations, and consultancies worldwide— including Accel, Sands Investment Group, and Redpoint Ventures—to make investment decisions simpler and faster. Tegus provides customers with the most comprehensive, real-time access to over 40,000 expert interviews and transcripts covering more than 22,000 public and private companies. Additionally, the Tegus platform delivers robust workflows and tools to simplify aggregating and analyzing public financials and SEC filings and earning transcripts.

Canalyst offers more than 4,000 fully drivable financial models and company benchmarking data, with every KPI and comparison that matters for making business-critical decisions. Canalyst was recently #49 on The Financial Times’ list of The Americas’ 500 Fastest-Growing Companies 2022.

Acquiring, analyzing, and acting on volumes of data has become an increasingly lengthy and time-consuming task for investors and businesses. At the same time, they are expected to make high-stakes decisions quickly and effectively. In today’s environment, it’s more important than ever for investors to make swift decisions with confidence. 

Tegus and Canalyst data sets are among the highest quality accessible to investors today. Combining the Tegus and Canalyst solution offerings will help investors and businesses consolidate their research and due diligence processes across disparate terminals and platforms. 

“Evaluating business and investment opportunities is an extremely inefficient process today,” said Tegus Founders and Co-CEOs Michael Elnick and Thomas Elnick. “With our acquisition of Canalyst, we’ll be able to provide customers with a comprehensive view of the qualitative and quantitative data they need to uplevel and scale their investment decisions – all on a single platform.” 

"Canalyst provides the most accurate and up-to-date financial models on 4,000+ publicly traded companies," said Damir Hot, CEO of Canalyst. “By joining the Tegus team, we will be able to give customers deeper and more efficient access to critical investment insights.”

Tegus also recently acquired BamSEC, empowering Tegus platform users with powerful workflows to analyze core company filings and disclosures.