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Critical Company Insights at Your Fingertips

With the world’s largest database of 35K+ qualitative transcripts and access to key financial data and filings, Tegus makes diligence faster and easier.
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Find Your Go-To-Market Edge with Tegus

Whether you’re in the midst of portfolio monitoring, thematic research, or due diligence the best insights are found using Tegus.

How Public Equity Uses Tegus

Increase Idea Throughput

Bring qualitative insights into idea screening. Kill bad ideas fast, spend time where it matters, and go deep with experts to uncover your next investing idea.

Get Up to Speed

Get up the learning curve in minutes, not weeks. On-demand access to deep primary research helps investors act with conviction and achieve better returns.

Learn From the World’s Leading Investors

Tegus interviews are investor-led and user-generated, leading to rich and deep insights. Get insights from their conversations with experts, and find answers to the questions you didn’t know to ask.

Save Research Dollars

Stop overspending on expert networks. Our customers save an average of $120,000 per year doing calls through Tegus. How? Tegus doesn't mark up expert calls.

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What companies does Tegus cover?

Tegus has thousands of transcripts covering companies across sizes, stages, geographies and sectors. With offices in Chicago and Waterford, Ireland, our teams are well equipped to source experts across the globe.

I tend to look at small, private companies. Will Tegus have coverage on that universe? How?

Tegus believes that our users are best at identifying promising companies, and researching those companies. That’s why our content is all customer-created. Leading investment managers worldwide use Tegus to do expert calls, and you can learn from their work on our platform.

Because Tegus works with private and public equity investors, and corporations, who are researching companies across sizes, sectors, and geographies, the platform captures information on companies from seed stage to IPO, all over the world.

Can I do thematic research with Tegus?

Yes. Use the keyword search to find calls discussing any theme you’re interested in, from crypto to liquid biopsy. Layer on Boolean search terms or filters to drill down to the content most relevant for your work.

How does Tegus help me minimize spend on expert calls?

Tegus calls always offer a dynamic and transparent pricing model. Calls are pay-as-you-go, so there are no upfront minimums or fees. Plus, you can prorate the cost of 30- or 45-minute calls. Forget about haggling for credits and focus on getting your work done.

When are my expert calls published to the Tegus platform?

Tegus calls publish to our platform after a delay so that you can act on insights before sharing your work. If your call is on a public company, it is published after 14 days. Calls on private companies are published after 90 days. Customers can always choose to delay call publication further in cases of preemptive research or ongoing deals. While under 5% of content is delayed each month, this option provides comfort to thousands of investors using Tegus.

How does Tegus source experts?

In addition to the tens of thousands of experts we’ve worked with in the past, Tegus custom sources new experts for every project. We’ll ensure that experts we provide respond to customer-specific screening questions and can speak to exactly the areas you’re looking at.

How does the Tegus model work for experts?

For experts, Tegus’s recording and compliance policies offer best-in-class protection. They can share their expertise comfortably with the knowledge that the Tegus compliance team follows up on any areas of question and maintains a record of all information they share.

Company Intelligence on Demand

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