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The best experts work with Tegus

You can provide the insights businesses need to improve decision making, increase innovation, uncover ideas, and solve problems.

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Turn your expertise into income

Your time is valuable, which is why Tegus makes it incredibly fast and easy for you to be part of our world-class expert network. You set your own price, we connect you with a client. 

Set your own rate

Experts on Tegus are paid for their time at the rate that they choose, so you can decide what rate makes it worth your time.

Connect with industry leaders

Leading investors and corporations use Tegus, including firms that led rounds in Ali Baba, Instacart, Doordash, and thousands of other household-name companies. Have an engaging conversation in your area of interest with people who have studied it for decades.

Best-in-class protection

Most networks draft policies to have reasonable measures to protect themselves and their customers. Tegus goes beyond what's reasonable to ensure protection for every stakeholder, including experts like you.

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Why are Tegus insights a cut above the rest? Tegus doesn’t pay for investors to conduct calls on random topics. Leading investors and business leaders come to Tegus to ask questions pertinent to their own interests and investments— which means I get deeper, richer, and more informed interviews to read through.

Kumar Gautam
Partner, Sands Capital

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