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Tegus Compliance Program

Tegus Compliance and Security Practices

You can provide the insights businesses need to improve decision making, increase innovation, uncover ideas, and solve problems.

Ensuring safe and secure research practice

When it comes to compliance, we’re unreasonably good at preventing and detecting potential risks or violations. Our compliance leadership team boasts more than 20 years of experience working for regulators, including at the SEC, FINRA, and European regulators — and those leaders have a team of 40+ compliance experts working to ensure your expert calls are compliant.

The Tegus compliance portal

The Tegus Compliance Portal offers compliance officers a dedicated in-platform tool where customers can manage firm-specific compliance protocols and access real-time reports of their team’s activity across Tegus call and transcript offerings.

Transcripts on Tegus

All Tegus platform content meets or exceeds industry compliance standards. Every transcript undergoes an intensive, multi-layered compliance review process to identify potential material nonpublic information or otherwise confidential information, including a proprietary AI + human-in-the-loop process involving our highly-trained, dedicated compliance specialists.

Compliant and customizable call services

Tegus’ Call Services are underpinned by industry-leading compliance policies and procedures, including fully customizable processes to empower your compliance team to integrate its expert network call policies and procedures with ours.

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Why are Tegus insights a cut above the rest? Tegus doesn’t pay for investors to conduct calls on random topics. Leading investors and business leaders come to Tegus to ask questions pertinent to their own interests and investments— which means I get deeper, richer, and more informed interviews to read through.

Kumar Gautam
Partner, Sands Capital

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