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Accelerate conviction.
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We curate expert insights, analysis, and financial data to give you a powerful perspective for your investment decisions.

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The go-to research destination for hedge funds

Get your workflow working by uniting qualitative insights and quantitative data on one platform.

Uncover differentiated insights you can trust

Our platform has more qualitative data than any other solution in the world, giving you access to insights you can’t find anywhere else. With custom-sourced experts, investor-led calls, and fundamental data rigorously sourced, reviewed, and maintained by sector-focused analysts, quality is your competitive advantage with Tegus.

Spend more time on analysis

With instant access to over 4,000 global equity models and a growing library of industry dashboards — alongside Excel and web tools to help you leverage the underlying data — you can spend more time on your differentiated work and less time doing what everyone else is doing.

Harness the power of AI and ML

Powered by advanced Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms, our platform supercharges your research process. Efficiently navigate expert interviews through AI-generated transcript summaries and topics that let you extract valuable insights in seconds.

Accelerate conviction

Become an expert in minutes or hours, not days or weeks, with insights from conversations led by the world’s top investors. Then conduct your own calls to verify assumptions and fill in the gaps.

Tegus saves my firm tens of hours weekly and hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. It’s among the very most essential financial data products in our process.

Connor Haley
Founder, Alta Fox

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