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Company Filings

Accelerate your research

Tegus transforms the way you work with SEC filings, earning and events transcripts, financial documents, and more.

Focus on what matters to do better work

Streamline the way you investigate and work with public company data. Tegus Foundations is just one part of a robust research toolkit to save you time and money, without compromising on quality.

Say goodbye to Ctrl-F

You don’t have to look through documents one by one. Easily and instantly find any text across all filings and transcripts with document search.

Watch lists & alerts to keep you up to speed

Tired of manually tracking all of your key companies? Just add any company to your Watchlist and receive email alerts for any new filings or transcripts.

Easily manage tables

Save time and avoid the hassle of manual data entry while eliminating the risk of typos. Download tables, link to tables or text, and quickly view or download past versions of the tables you need — all without ever having to leave the current filing.

Expert Call Transcripts
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Public & Private Companies Covered

It’s my job to get up to speed on companies and markets faster and better than everyone else— Tegus makes me the expert in the room.

Sai Senthilkumar
Principal, Redpoint Ventures

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