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TEGUS FOR venture capital

Accelerate conviction.
Amplify returns.

We curate expert insights, analysis, and financial data to give you a powerful perspective for your investment decisions.

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The go-to research destination for private market investors

Simplify your research workflow by uniting qualitative insights and quantitative data on one platform.

Uncover differentiated insights you can trust

Our platform has more qualitative data on private companies than any other solution in the world, empowering you with access to insights you can’t find anywhere else. With custom-sourced experts, investor-led calls, and comp sheets rigorously built, reviewed, and maintained by CFA-track analysts, quality is your competitive advantage with Tegus.

Accelerate conviction

Leverage insights from conversations led by the world’s top VCs to become an expert in minutes or hours, not days or weeks. Then conduct your own calls to verify assumptions and fill in the gaps.

Harness the power of AI and ML

Powered by advanced Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms, our platform supercharges your research process, enabling you to efficiently navigate expert interviews leveraging AI-generated transcript summaries and topics so you can extract valuable insights in seconds.

Map markets with confidence

Gain deeper insights on competitors, market share, unique industry KPIs, and more to benchmark and uncover the potential of your next investment opportunity.

Tegus is technology I can’t live without. When I need new ideas or I’m going deep into diligence, I turn to Tegus. They speed up my process and surface relevant insights I can’t find anywhere else.

Ben Quazzo
Investor, Accel

I use Tegus every day. Not only am I more efficient in getting up to speed or passing on ideas, but the incremental data points I find make Tegus a really valuable resource for us.

Nathaniel Singer
Managing Partner, Mission Holdings

Tegus is fantastic. It has been a game-changer to our research process. The transcript database helps us get up to speed on virtually any company/industry in an efficient way. Can’t recommend Tegus enough. Probably the best investment we have made in our 2020 research budget.

Dennis Hong
CEO & CIO, ShawSpring Partners

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