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Customer Success is
Tegus' Success

We're striving to go beyond customer expectations and create solutions that customers can't live without
No one else can provide an end-to-end platform for my investment research like Tegus does. I can download accurate financial models, easily access filings and earnings calls, dig into a database of expert insights, and procure my own expert calls all within the platform. I get time-savings without compromising on quality.
Alex Wolf
Managing Director, IGSB
It’s my job to get up to speed on companies and markets faster and better than everyone else— Tegus makes me the expert in the room.
Sai Senthilkumar
Principal, Redpoint Ventures
Why are Tegus insights a cut above the rest? Tegus doesn’t pay for investors to conduct calls on random topics. Leading investors and business leaders come to Tegus to ask questions pertinent to their own interests and investments— which means I get deeper, richer, and more informed interviews to read through.
Kumar Gautam
Partner, Sands Capital
Tegus is technology I can’t live without. When I need new ideas or I’m going deep into diligence, I turn to Tegus. They speed up my process and surface relevant insights I can’t find anywhere else.
Ben Quazzo
Investor, Accel
I use Tegus every day. Not only am I more efficient in getting up to speed or passing on ideas, but the incremental data points I find make Tegus a really valuable resource for us.
Nathaniel Singer
Managing Partner, Mission Holdings
Guessing many calls between expert and investor cover same ground. @TegusHQ (a sponsor because of how much we like the service) solves this.
Patrick O’Shaughnessy
CEO, O’Shaughnessy Asset Management
Tegus is excellent. We found the traditional expert network quite irrelevant + compliance overhead, and Tegus is effectively the wisdom of the crowds.
Ram Parameswaran
Founder, Octahedron
Tegus is the cornerstone of our customer discovery process. The platform gives us a real edge, helping us go past the “what” and better understand the “why” and the “how.” Our team listens to calls more days than not, and we’ve learned a bunch of hard lessons the easy way from some world-class operators.
Co-founder & COO, Suno
Tegus is fantastic. It has been a game-changer to our research process. The transcript database helps us get up to speed on virtually any company/industry in an efficient way. Can’t recommend Tegus enough. Probably the best investment we have made in our 2020 research budget.
Dennis Hong
CEO & CIO, ShawSpring Partners
As a founder, you’re told to talk to strangers about your idea, but it’s hard to find and convince the right strangers to talk to you. Tegus Services give you access to true, on the ground operators who provide high-quality truth to help me and my team accelerate our path to product-market fit.
Luke Finney
Founder, Stealth Startup
Tegus has been an incredibly valuable resource for our company. With dozens of calls, we’ve been able to quickly analyze new markets and make well-informed strategic decisions that have already paid off. Hands down the best ROI.
Mac Bolak
Founder & CEO, Panoptyc
Partnering with Tegus is a no-brainer for us. In the time it typically takes to have a direct conversation with one investor, we can reach (and measure) thousands through the platform. Investors clearly love Tegus and it's core to our strategy to engage with investors where they are.
Jason Rechel
VP, IR & Corporate Development at Sprout Social
Hosting calls with Tegus is a simple, scalable way to share our story and answer common questions. Our existing holders appreciate the added detail and the ability for thousands of investors to access the calls helps drive deeper conversations when we have live discussions with new investors.
Andy Hargreaves
VP, Investor Relations at DoorDash
Tegus provides two-way communication with investors, at scale. Their single platform helps us reach new and familiar investors with our story and allows us to keep a pulse on what investors are asking —and reading— about our company and our peers.
Ken Talanian
SVP of FP&A and Investor Relations at KnowBe4
We asked our friends about best practices, where they got data, how they utilized their limited resources upfront; Tegus came up time and time again.
Brandon Wier
Tegus saves my firm tens of hours weekly and hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. It’s among the very most essential financial data products in our process.
Connor Haley
Founder, Alta Fox
We’ve found Tegus data to be significantly more reliable.
Ryan Cope
PM, American Century Investments
Tegus saves our team an inordinate amount of time.
Drew Wilson
PM, Fenimore Asset Management

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