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Why is Canalyst a great fit for Tegus customers?

Tegus has acquired Canalyst, the leader in financial modeling and benchmarking. To learn how Canalyst can improve your research and to access a free trial, fill out the form below.
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Faster Research. More Time Savings.

Spend less time updating, building, and completing models. Canalyst takes that process from days to minutes so you can spend less time on manual data entry and more time on analysis and decision making.

Access Hard-to Find KPIs

Not only does Canalyst offer access to SEC-reported KPIs, users also get insights from other key sources like podcasts, Youtube, and more so your model is rich, relevant, and reliable.  

Best-In-Class & Uniform Data

When it comes to data, quality matters. Each Canalyst models link back to the data source, reducing errors and ensuring your have the right data. Plus, Canalyst offers a consistent layout for all models, across all sectors, while preserving company and industry specifics.