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First things first: Experts on Tegus are paid for their time at the rate that they choose. We don't profit from calls, so you can decide what rate makes them worth your time.

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Connect with industry leaders

Leading investors and corporations use Tegus, including firms that led rounds in Ali Baba, Instacart, Doordash, and thousands of other household name companies. Have an engaging conversation in your area of interest with people who have studied it for decades.

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Secure long-term engagements

Many Tegus customers work with companies who are looking for new leaders, advisors, or board members. Put yourself on the radar by meeting them through Tegus.

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Most networks draft policies to have reasonable measures to protect themselves and their customers. Tegus goes beyond reasonable to ensure every stakeholder is protected, including you.

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Are calls recorded?

Yes. Each Tegus call is recorded, transcribed, and shared on the Tegus Platform two weeks later. The audio recording is not posted, but may be used for internal training purposes or to correct transcription errors. Transcripts undergo our rigorous compliance screens prior to upload to safeguard against sharing of material non-public information.

How can I register as an expert with Tegus?

Visit our Contact Us page to submit your request to become an expert on Tegus. A member of our team will reach out to learn more about your background and onboard you in our system.

How will I get paid for my expert call?

Experts on Tegus can be paid via PayPal or wire globally. US-based experts can also receive payment via ACH. Payments are processed within 15 business days of your call.

If my call is less than an hour, is my payment prorated?

Yes, calls under an hour are prorated, rounded up to the nearest 15 minutes.

What currency will my payment be made in?

All payments to experts are initiated in USD. Please ensure your bank can accept wires initiated in USD.

What information can I share when I am on the call?

Tegus customers are focused on learning about new industries and technologies, how products are used from a customer standpoint and future potential growth opportunities for a company or industry. The information you provide should never violate a confidentiality agreement or trust of duty you may have. If you feel otherwise on a call, please respectfully hang the phone up and Tegus will ensure you are still compensated for your time.

Why do I have to complete the online onboarding process before engaging in a consultation with a Tegus client?

At Tegus, we care about our clients and our experts, and we want to make sure that the consultation is rewarding for both parties. To do that, we use an online onboarding process to help our experts prepare for the consultation. Specifically, we use the onboarding process to make sure our experts understand our business model and know what they should and should not share during a consultation. We also use the process to obtain additional information from you so that our clients are properly prepared for the consultation.

I'm a Tegus expert - can I log into the product?

Not yet. We are hard at work on an expert app and look forward to providing you with a platform to manage your relationship with Tegus, schedule expert calls, and more.

How do I update my expert information on file with Tegus?

The fastest way to update your information on file is to reach out to the last Tegus team member who you spoke with about expert calls. Alternatively, you can visit the Contact Us page to submit the update, and a member of our team will reach out to confirm.

Will I receive tax forms from Tegus?

If you received over $600 in payments from Tegus Inc in a calendar year you will receive a 1099NEC to report your earnings.