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There’s a Better Way to Do Expert Calls

The days of paying $1,200 for expert calls are over. With Tegus, there are no upfront fees, no call commitments, and no markups.
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Expert Insights You Can Trust

Don’t settle for calls lead by analysts hired by the expert network or tenuous compliance practices. We pride ourselves on delivering world-class call quality, best-in-class compliance, and calls without a markup.

Custom Recruiting for Every Project

Instead of stale databases, we leverage dynamic platforms like LinkedIn, Google, and other publicly available sources to find the best experts for every project. We pre-qualify experts based on customer-specific screening questions to ensure they have the expertise you need and can answer your specific questions.

Enjoy a 70% Cost Savings

We believe in transparency. No upfront costs, no minimums, no contract needed. Only pay for the expert's cost and transcription, visible to you before you take a call. Plus, if you don't need a full hour, you can book a 30-minute call instead. Average cost is $325/hour.

Quality Guaranteed

Tegus interviews are investor-led and user-generated, leading to rich and deep insights. We don’t pay interviewers to moderate calls because quality matters when making important decisions. We guarantee the quality of our service and will refund you if a call isn't valuable.

Rest Assured with Industry Leading Compliance

Our compliance program is unmatched. With our pre-call due diligence process, we ensure you are only speaking with experts safely and securely. Post-call, each transcript is meticulously reviewed by our expert staff for material nonpublic information or otherwise confidential information. We also empower our customer compliance teams by giving them access to a dedicated compliance portal that provides transparent insight, audit reports in real-time, and software ready to fit your most complex compliance protocols.

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Customer Success is Our Success

“No one else can provide an end-to-end platform for my investment research like Tegus does. I can download accurate financial models, easily access filings and earnings calls, dig into a database of expert insights, and procure my own expert calls all within the platform. I get time-savings without compromising on quality.”
Alex Wolf
Managing Director, IGSB
“It’s my job to get up to speed on companies and markets faster and better than everyone else— Tegus makes me the expert in the room.”
Sai Senthilkumar
Principal, Redpoint Ventures
"Why are Tegus insights a cut above the rest? Tegus doesn’t pay for investors to conduct calls on random topics. Leading investors and business leaders come to Tegus to ask questions pertinent to their own interests and investments— which means I get a deeper, richer, and more informed interviews to read through."
Kumar Gautam
Partner, Sands Capital

Company Intelligence on Demand

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