Product Launch Virtual Event

Discover the unified Tegus platform

The future of investment research: Discover the unified Tegus platform

The new Tegus Platform is here. Tegus customers can login to a new experience, where users will have access to our all-in-one platform that connects our data and workflows, unlocking an entirely new way of working and creating the foundation for the future of fundamental research.‍You can see it in action. In this on-demand event with Tegus’ SVP of Product Margaret Jastrebski and BamSEC Founder Stan Mischenko‍Tegus changed the world of expert research. Now we’re changing the entire investment research process. In this on-demand webinar, we:

  • Share an insider view of the newly updated Tegus platform

  • Demonstrate the new Excel Add-in

  • Reveal new features and data sets

  • …and more

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Margaret Jastrebski

SVP of Product

Margaret JastrebskiHeadshot

Margaret Jastrebski “MJ” is a dynamic and results-driven Product executive. As SVP of Product at Tegus, she leads the product strategy and development of disruptive solutions in the Financial Services space. With over two decades of experience in Product Innovation, User Experience, and Sales & Marketing growth, she has a proven track record of scaling and leading cross-functional teams to bring cutting-edge products to market. Prior to Tegus, MJ was a Product and Growth executive and advisor at multiple large and growth-stage organizations, including Orbitz, Stylitics, Caribou, and ShopRunner. In addition to her product work, she founded Walkshop, an excursion-based executive workshop to share with others her passion for hiking and the outdoors. She also is an avid investor in early-stage startups with founders of all backgrounds, all races, all genders, and all socio-economic backgrounds.

Stan Mishchenko

BAMSec Founder

Stan MishchenkoHeadshot

Stan Mishchenko is the Head of Product at Tegus, a previous analyst and associate at Credit Suisse, and a Stanford University graduate. He is the Co-Founder and CEO of BamSEC, a company acquired by Tegus in 2021. Tegus and BamSEC came together and allowed customers to quickly dive into company financials and filings and easily understand the context that powers those numbers and metrics. Post-acquisition, Stan joined Tegus and took on the role of leading all of product strategy. Stan has led the integration of our best in breed point solutions - Tegus, Canalyst and BamSEC - to realize our vision of changing the entire research process and building the first ever platform for fundamental investors. He understands the day to day workflow of our customers like no other and is our internal expert and guru on everything within the Tegus platform!

Time is the zero-sum game. If you use time better, you beat your competitors. If you use it worse, you will be out performed and out-competed

Margaret Jastrebski