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The Key Driver Mindset from Fundamental Edge

Tegus + Fundamental Edge Partnership

Tegus’ recently co-hosted a webinar with Brett Caughran, founder and head trainer at buy-side analyst training firm Fundamental Edge, delivering powerful information on creating programmatic frameworks for isolating the key drivers of a stock. From creating a winning buy-side investment research and diligence process to better identifying what moves a stock, learning how to leverage the right tools for targeted research to developing investment theses on differentiated key drivers, this webinar conveyed a wealth of actionable information exclusively for Tegus customers. As a company, we deeply understand the importance of cutting-edge investing perspectives and that’s why we are dedicated to delivering our customers with exclusive content, relevant industry insights and unique events to evolve and streamline their research processes.

Our job as fundamental investors is to determine what is signal and what is noise.

Brett Caughran