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TEGUS FOR corporate development

Accelerate M&A Sourcing and Diligence

Stay ahead of the market with on-demand insights across public and private markets.

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Tegus is your competitive edge and market-leading advantage

Build, buy, or partner? Tegus can help you answer that with deep insights into competitors, emerging companies, and markets. We help you become the expert and capitalize on the best opportunities.

Identify and stay up to date on promising companies

Innovation is accelerating, and corporate development teams need to stay up to date on startups that are launching and raising money. With Tegus, corporate development teams can identify and monitor potential acquisitions.

Bolster your due diligence

Limited publicly available information on startups can leave gaps in your diligence. Even for corporate development teams that engage directly with management teams, forming an independent perspective on a startup's go-to-market strategy, product-market fit, and customer sentiment can be a challenge. With Tegus, corporate development teams get independent customers' perspectives on a startup's product, including the problem it solves, its perceived value, their willingness to pay, and more. Tegus helps teams identify the right opportunities early and walk away from those that don't fit.

Build foundational knowledge of new markets

Tegus transcripts ensure corporate development teams can quickly get smart on new markets. Read firsthand interviews with former executives, suppliers, distributors, and customers on major players, market dynamics, and customer preferences. Get up to speed quickly and proactively engage your business on the most promising acquisition targets.

Quickly respond to inbound requests

When corporate development teams receive a new company to research, they use Tegus to understand the company's product, business model, competitive position, and customer sentiment in minutes rather than days. Teams that use Tegus can build a perspective on a target faster, helping them engage the business sooner to advise on the best path forward.

As a founder, you’re told to talk to strangers about your idea, but it’s hard to find and convince the right strangers to talk to you. Tegus Services give you access to true, on the ground operators who provide high-quality truth to help me and my team accelerate our path to product-market fit.

Luke Finney
Founder, Stealth Startup

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