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Stronger Together

The unparalleled growth of Tegus is only made possible by the richness and diversity of our perspectives.

The Tegus Promise

Employees are treated equally in their opportunities for compensation and promotion — while each department may have some individual needs, the philosophy and standards around compensation and promotions we uphold are applied equally across all employees. Tegus will conduct an annual audit of pay and promotions across all roles, and commit to adjusting for any unexplained statistically significant gaps in compensation for the same role, level, tenure at Tegus and performance. The results of the annual audit and subsequent actions will be shared in an annual report.
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Our DEI Commitments

All Tegus employees understand how to support DEI efforts across the organization
Employees are surveyed quarterly on topics including manager support, fairness, psychological safety, and fit and belonging. The leadership team addresses concerns at monthly All Hands meetings and outlines ongoing corrective actions and support measures where appropriate.
Everyone at Tegus feels welcomed, valued and comfortable sharing their full identities
Post-onboarding, semi-annual engagement, and exit interview surveys each play a part in measuring the comfort and confidence of employees throughout their tenure. Our goal is culture add vs. culture fit.
All employees are aware of opportunities for growth and promotion and what it takes to achieve them
Managers are responsible for working with direct reports on concrete goal setting and routinely checking in on these goals over time. Career paths and potential opportunities within teams are transparent and made a part of ongoing manager check-ins.
We strive to hire and retain at least 30% of staff who are members of underrepresented groups in tech
According to surveyed current employees, Tegus is already an attractive place to work for individuals from underrepresented groups — we simply suffer from a homogenous referral pipeline and inadequate outreach. Recent partnerships with HBCUs and others will help partly address this candidate shortfall.

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