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Introducing the all-in-one Tegus research platform
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The investment research space has been stagnant for far too long. The legacy products in the market have been playing it safe, putting their own cost structures ahead of the needs of their customers.

Where does that leave investors? Stuck with slow, fragmented, high-cost, and sometimes inaccurate data sources. Instead of competing on their unique analytical abilities, they’re competing to see who can be the fastest data aggregator — hardly a title worth bragging about.

Tegus already changed the world of expert research, and today we announced the launch of our new all-in-one research platform. The new platform upends a legacy of fragmented investment research processes, for the first time unifying a wide range of quantitative and qualitative information sources. The unified platform experience is underpinned with powerful AI and a visual upgrade, making the user interface more convenient and intuitive for Tegus users. 

What should you expect from the new Tegus Platform:

Consolidated platform, consolidated costs

The new and improved Tegus platform brings you over 70,000 expert transcripts, more than 4,000 fully drivable financial models, checks into company management and culture, and more. But unlike other research vendors, Tegus refuses to nickel and dime you for access to additional datasets.

Not only do you get access to the data you need, you get that access consolidated under a single roof, where it’s easier to integrate into your existing workflows. This is the fastest way to learn about a public or private company AND the most cost effective way to conduct investment research.

Automated model updates

You need access to historical financial data to do your job — and that includes hard-to-find non-GAAP data, KPIs, and hand-built, dynamic financial models. But keeping these models up to date takes time, which is the one thing investors don’t have.

With our upgraded Excel plugin, you can update any model — even non-Tegus — with the latest period’s data. No more pulling down data and spreading comps. Now a simple formula calls millions of data points into your existing models or comp sheets.

And of course you can also view the data directly in the Tegus platform on our updated Company Profile and Financials & Metrics pages, giving you multiple pathways to understanding what the market expects for a given company.

All this, included in your Tegus platform license cost. 

Maintaining our reputation for expert insights

Of course we aren’t moving away from the qualitative insights that formed the foundation of the Tegus platform. We are expanding our rich and deep library with even more content, giving you the tools you need to surface invaluable insights and make bolder investment decisions.

Behind the unified Tegus platform, you’ll find powerful AI and workflows to help you manage more ideas in less time. And that means that there’s always more to come. We recently launched Top Investor Questions, and coming soon we have Ask Tegus, an AI chatbot that will help you surface answers and data even faster. 

We designed Tegus to make your research process simple, streamlined, and effective. Our customers deserve nothing less.