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Tegus adds Broker and Independent Research to its platform
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Tegus, the leading investment research platform trusted by more than 2,300 firms, today announced the impending launch of Broker and Independent Research. Set for introduction in 2024, this new offering expands Tegus' core platform, incorporating both real time and aftermarket equity research from leading Wall Street and Independent firms, broadening the scope of content available to its users.

Unparalleled Content Breadth and Depth

Broker Research signifies a pivotal expansion of the Tegus Platform's capabilities, further strengthening its comprehensive offering that already includes a wide range of quantitative and qualitative data sets, from expert insights and financial and market data to regulatory filings and company presentations. This enhancement introduces global and regional coverage of equity research inclusive of company coverage initiation reports, macroeconomic and industry reports, market trends, and ongoing company reports to the broader Tegus user base including Venture Capital, Private Equity, Corporations, and Consulting Firms.

"Broker and Independent Research has been the number one request we've received from both customers and prospects over the last several years. Combining our unique and proprietary expert data with other valuable data such as news, filings, and broker and independent research will reduce the amount of grunt work our users are currently doing and enable them to focus more of their time on analysis," said Thomas Elnick, co-founder and co-CEO of Tegus. "We're excited to finally bring this to life within the Tegus product and offer it to our customers at no additional cost with their current subscription."

Building Deeper Partnerships with Brokers and Independent Research Firms

"We're excited about the many partnerships we've built with some of the most prominent and premier global and regional equity research firms," said Elnick. "Content and research are at the core of what we do at Tegus. We understand and respect the IP that sell-side and independent research firms provide and are working side-by-side with these firms so they can maximize the value of what they bring to the table."

Unlocking Instant Insights on Tegus

As Tegus broadens the amount of content and data on its platform, their new suite of powerful AI tools and soon-to-be-launched personalized search are designed to enable users to extract meaningful insights more efficiently and effectively than ever before.

Users are able to search and seamlessly analyze expert transcripts, public filings, earnings and event transcripts, as well as financials and metrics including non-GAAP financials and hard-to-obtain KPIs all in one place, enabling investors to drive to high-conviction decisions with ease.

Customer-Driven Innovation

When the Elnick's founded Tegus, they spent a year speaking with hundreds of investors learning about their pain points along the research process. Listening and learning from customers is still one of the core values of Tegus.

"Tegus has been a go-to tool that helps us with competitive intelligence, voice of customer work and general market research. They are head and shoulders above the field when it comes to qualitative expert research and the ability to learn about private companies. Coupling that with broker research, news, and financial data makes Tegus a dream for us.” - Brandon Deer, Chief Strategy Officer at UiPath

“Bringing broker research directly into Tegus would be hugely helpful to our team. Constantly switching where we access information is a productivity drain and having all the information we need in one place is incredibly powerful and certainly makes our lives easier!” - Jacob Effron, Partner at Redpoint Ventures

About Tegus

Tegus stands at the forefront of investment research, providing a comprehensive, AI-driven platform that merges expert insights with critical financial and market data. Serving over 2,300 firms across the globe, Tegus equips investors with the tools necessary for prompt and precise analysis, facilitating informed investment decisions.

Get Ready for the Launch

The introduction of Broker Research is poised to redefine investment research. Learn more about how this addition to the Tegus platform can empower your investment decisions. Visit the Tegus Platform for further details.