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Tegus Launches AskTegus: A New AI Feature Enhancing Investment Research
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Chicago, IL, USA
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April 10, 2024
Chicago, IL, USA
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Tegus, the premier platform trusted by the top global investment firms, today announced the launch of AskTegus, an AI copilot designed to redefine the landscape of investment research. This groundbreaking tool complements the already robust Tegus platform by providing rapid, summarized, and cited responses to complex, unstructured queries. AskTegus creates a super-charged analyst, giving users the ability to sift through Tegus' extensive database—comprised of the largest investor-led transcript library —uncovering insights within seconds, empowering investors to drive to a high-conviction decision supported by proprietary and trusted data. 

AskTegus is a testament to the company's unwavering commitment to actively listening and building for its customers. "Investing has never been more competitive, but the best investors know how to navigate and uncover critical information and data to make the best decisions. " said Michael Elnick, Co-founder and Co-CEO of Tegus. "We are adding thousands of expert transcripts to the platform every month and AskTegus allows investors to quickly cut through the noise and find the insights they need to ensure they are always a step ahead."

This tool is the latest addition to Tegus' all-in-one platform, which now includes more than 4,000 fully drivable financial models, an unparalleled collection of qualitative and quantitative data, as well as upcoming broker and independent research. Rooted in transparency and verification, AskTegus stands apart by providing meticulous source attribution for every insight it offers. This crucial feature, previously lacking in all AI-based tools employed by investors, elevates AskTegus as a trailblazer in the space, instilling a new level of speed, trust and credibility in the investment research process.

AskTegus comes as a complement to Tegus’ Top Investor Questions capability. TIQ leverages AI to cut through thousands of pages of transcripts on a company and  identify and highlight the critical inquiries and insights related to a company's business model, competition, and more. TIQ jumpstarts the research process by providing summarized answers upfront to all of the most common interview questions already asked.  

Margaret Jastrebski, SVP of Product at Tegus, highlighted the financial efficiency and strategic advantage provided by these tools. "By integrating AskTegus and Top Investor Questions into our platform, we're not just changing how research is conducted; we're transforming the very nature of investment decision-making. Our users can now access, analyze, and act upon the most comprehensive data and insights available, all within a matter of minutes. We're not just saving our users time; we're also ensuring they have access to the most relevant and deep insights without the added cost of multiple licenses or data sets."

AskTegus together with Top Investor Questions addresses a significant challenge faced by investors by helping drastically reduce the time and resources required to research and validate investment opportunities in today's content-saturated landscape. 

In the coming months, Tegus will enrich the content offerings of AskTegus by incorporating earnings and event transcripts, SEC filings, quantitative financials, and key metrics, further building on the comprehensive depth of this powerful tool.

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