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Tegus Partners with Blue Heron setting a new standard for investment research due diligence.
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November 8, 2023
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Tegus, the leading investment research platform, today announced a partnership with Blue Heron Research Partners for a new offering, Management Checks by Blue Heron. This offering expands Tegus’ core suite of expert research by providing users with critical insights on the strengths, weaknesses, and management styles of CEOs and key executives, all within the Tegus platform. This new offering continues to showcase Tegus’ reputation for innovation, providing customers with access to new and valuable content sets that no other research platform can provide.

Management Checks by Blue Heron will be available in the Tegus platform beginning on November 8, 2023. 

Learn more here.  

Blue Heron Research Partners is the leading provider of management due diligence, with 20 years’ experience conducting and creating in-depth management diligence research for investment firms. Their teams of investigative journalists examine management teams, culture, customers, and competition to evaluate the health and direction of businesses and the people that run them. And they conduct their research and reports with a focus on uncompromising quality and compliance, aligning with Tegus’ customer expectations. 

The new joint offering connects users with a powerful on-demand library of deeply researched management diligence reports. Users can quickly and efficiently evaluate management to feel confident they have the detailed insights needed to help make an informed investment decision. “Management Checks by Blue Heron combines the strength and expertise of Blue Heron’s pioneering management diligence and Tegus’ market leading platform and technology,” said David Rynecki, Founder & CEO of Blue Heron. 

“Historically, investors had to commission third-party reports to get deep insights on management teams and leaders. As a result, investors reserved this type of research for only the most significant investment opportunities,” said Thomas Elnick, co-CEO and co-founder of Tegus. “Our offering changes that. With instant access to management checks on the world’s leading public and private companies, users gain access to deep, detailed interviews with line-of-sight sources — all conducted and built by a team of expert journalists and professional investigators at Blue Heron. It’s an offering like no other. "

A powerful partnership for unlocking insights

Management Checks by Blue Heron disrupts traditional management research by giving users access to a growing, on-demand library of one-of-a-kind and deeply researched management due diligence reports for top public and private company leadership, all within the Tegus platform. Now, users can seamlessly incorporate deep management insights into their standard diligence workflow, every time, without the large undertaking, price tag, or lead time.

“Tegus has spoken with thousands of the world's best investors and one common theme from the investors with consistently high returns is that they obsess over the culture and leadership of an organization," said Michael Elnick, co-CEO and co-founder of Tegus. “Management Checks by Blue Heron will cover what used to be a potentially dangerous blind spot and time-intensive process, giving our users instant access to understand how companies run and operate.”

Tegus customers will have immediate access to summaries and key findings of each report, available as a part of their Tegus subscription. Those customers interested in next-level access will have the ability to purchase an annual subscription to full reports and source interview transcripts.