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Introducing Tegus’ Summer Product Launch
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July 28, 2022
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At Tegus, we’re focused on delivering the highest quality insights to our customers faster than ever before. As a product team charging towards that goal, we realized that making good on that promise meant that we would need to revisit some of the core foundations of our product experience. 

Today, we are excited to announce the launch of our reimagined product experience, which includes major improvements to core parts of the product—from revamped search and a brand new company page, to a redesigned interview reading experience. These changes will make it easier for our users to find the most relevant insights today, and to position the Tegus platform in a way that enables us to bring in additional content so our users get that 360 degree view they expect from a next-gen research platform.

When customers log in today, they’ll notice three distinct improvements:

The Search Experience

Search is core to Tegus and the main entry point to much of the research process today. Our revamped search has been rebuilt from the ground up to offer powerful new searching, sorting and filtering functionality. We’ve streamlined the search bar so all searches occur in a single place and introduced powerful new advanced search operators that enable new types of queries, allowing users to fine tune the queries and get the exact results they’re looking for. This includes the basic AND, OR, and NOT operators as well as more sophisticated NEAR operators, exact phrases, and logical groups.

The Company Profile

Our newly designed company profile experience helps users get up to speed on a company by giving them a central launch pad to find and quickly jump to all insights available about a company. With a comprehensive view of all the available expert interviews associated with a company split into two sections— Tagged and Also Mentioned In— interviews easy to sort through. A Popular Interviews sidebar includes most-read interviews by other Tegus users so that the most insightful content rises to the top. Also Mentioned In is sorted by the number of mentions, so it’s easier to find relevant content. And the whole Mentions algorithm was revamped, drastically minimizing irrelevant matches.

Other improvements to the company profile experience include easy access to all the experts that are available to discuss the company, as well as BamSEC links in each public company profile, giving users fast access to key company financial data and other regulatory disclosures.

Newly Redesigned Reading Experience

Users will also notice a handful of enhancements to the reading experience. We’ve reorganized the information at the top of each interview to make it easier to quickly identify the interview and key information about the expert.

We’ve also made it easier to jump around to other content on Tegus. Users can still easily jump between interviews without leaving the page, but they can now also view other interviews by the same expert. Users will also notice a more focused view that eliminates visual noise and facilitates focus on just the interview itself.

It's Just the Beginning

These product changes are really just the start— we’ve invested heavily in building out foundations that will serve as the base for many even more exciting improvements in the months and years to come. Stay tuned!