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Drive Meaningful Conversations with the Right Investors

The first platform that offers measurable two-way dialogue between management teams and thousands of institutional investors.
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Share Your Story and Monitor Investor Sentiment

Whether you’re monitoring investor sentiment, answering common questions, or growing exposure, Tegus offers the Reg-FD friendly channel for two-way dialogue with thousands of institutional investors.

How IR Teams Use Tegus

Drive Quality Conversations with the Right Investors

Proactively share your story with the right investors, raising awareness of your stock in their discovery process, ensuring they understand the basics of your business, and driving more nuanced initial conversations.

Monitor Investor Questions

Get instant access to thousands of transcripts of investor led calls on your company and your peers to stay up to date on what investors are asking and experts are saying.

Quantify the ROI on Your Work

Receive custom-to-you reporting that summarizes investor engagement with your stock, including commonly discussed topics, profiles of interested firms, and interest trends over time.

Grow Exposure

Share a business overview in the Tegus platform, where thousands of investors start their diligence daily. Placing it alongside third party perspectives provides a holistic view of your stock.

Take Tegus for a Test Drive

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Customer Success is Our success

"Partnering with Tegus is a no-brainer for us. In the time it typically takes to have a direct conversation with one investor, we can reach (and measure) thousands through the platform. Investors clearly love Tegus and it's core to our strategy to engage with investors where they are."
Jason Rechel
VP, IR & Corporate Development at Sprout Social
"Hosting calls with Tegus is a simple, scalable way to share our story and answer common questions. Our existing holders appreciate the added detail and the ability for thousands of investors to access the calls helps drive deeper conversations when we have live discussions with new investors."
Andy Hargreaves
VP, Investor Relations at DoorDash
“Tegus provides two-way communication with investors, at scale. Their single platform helps us reach new and familiar investors with our story and allows us to keep a pulse on what investors are asking —and reading— about our company and our peers.”
Ken Talanian
SVP of FP&A and Investor Relations at KnowBe4


What types of investors use Tegus?

Tegus works with 2000+ institutional investment firms globally. These firms invest in both public and private equities, and range in size from the largest asset managers in the world to ~200 family offices to small or emerging managers.

What types of topics should I cover on a call with Tegus?

IR teams have control over the format and substance of the call. Many IROs choose to provide business overviews, in which they answer FAQs and address common misconceptions, or to host focused calls dedicated to specific areas of investor interests. For example, an adtech company might host a call focused entirely on changes in privacy regulations. Tegus can also solicit questions from our buyside user base, which IROs can choose to include in their calls.

Do investors join the call live?

We work with you in the format you're most comfortable with. Most frequently, only company participants and the Tegus team join the call live. The call is recorded and transcribed, and then you can review, redline, and edit it before it posts to the platform.

How much does the program cost for IR teams?

Tegus's program for IROs is totally free. Participants get access to post content visible to Tegus buyside users, and receive access to our platform, totally free.

Is this RegFD compliant?

We are committed to working with IR teams in a way that supports their compliance practices. A few common practices help IR teams feel comfortable hosting calls with Tegus:

  • All IR teams have an opportunity to review and edit the conversation transcript before it is distributed to Tegus customers.
  • IR teams do not disclose new material information on calls with Tegus.
  • Some IR teams choose to post a transcript of the conversation on their own IR site so that it is available in the public domain.

Company Intelligence on Demand

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