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See How Much You Could Save by Switching Your Expert Calls to Tegus

We’re so confident in our ability to save you time and money —without sacrificing quality— that we’re making it easier to see those savings for yourself. No sales or demo call required.

  • On average, analysts currently spend 1 hour sourcing and coordinating expert calls and 1 hour conducting the call —compare that to 30 minutes finding and reading relevant transcripts with the Tegus Transcript Library.
  • The average industry price per expert call is 1 “credit” or approximately $1,000 —compare that to $450 on average for Tegus sourced expert calls.
"Tegus is technology I can’t live without. When I need new ideas or I’m going deep into diligence, I turn to Tegus. They speed up my process and surface relevant insights I can’t find anywhere else."
Ben Quazzo, Investor, Accel
"I use Tegus every day. Not only am I more efficient in getting up to speed or passing on ideas, but the incremental data points I find make Tegus a really valuable resource for us."
Nathaniel Singer, Managing Partner, Mission Holdings
"Tegus is fantastic. It has been a game-changer to our research process. The transcript database helps us get up to speed on virtually any company/industry in an efficient way. Can’t recommend Tegus enough. Probably the best investment we have made in our 2020 research budget."
Dennis Hong, CEO & CIO, ShawSpring Partners
“It’s my job to get up to speed on companies and markets faster and better than everyone else— Tegus makes me the expert in the room.”
Sai Senthilkumar, Principal, Redpoint Ventures
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